This is the new me!  Really.....its the old me too though.  I've decided to go ahead and change my "brand" this year on social media to begin to try to garner a bigger following.  With the new brand comes a new dedication to have my cameras with me on a day to day basis while I go about my business on the farm.  I won't always be able to capture everything, because....well....its hard to take photos while running from a mad mama cow and stuff.....but I'll be trying!  

So....without further adieu.....



Ok so that was a lame first blog post, but we gotta start somewhere.  Onward and upward!

Here is a cool photo I shot yesterday, maybe that will make reading the blog actually worthwhile!  It is called "Office Space" because lets be honest, the cab of a tractor is the best office ever!  Click though to buy it, or to see a ton more of my other work?

Cab of a tractor is the best office their is some mornings!
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